Mich beruhigt sowas sehr

Einfach nur 20 Bilder, die mich sehr zufrieden machen

Instant Entspannung.

übersetzt aus einem Post von Angelica Martinez

1. Dieser perfekte Pfannkuchen.

My brother made a perfect pancake today from r/mildlyinteresting

2. Dieses Pflaster, das perfekt zur Hautfarbe passt.

My bandaid is the same exact color as my skin tone from r/mildlyinteresting

3. Diese Kabel.

Pretty satisfied with the cable managment from r/mildlyinteresting

4. Diese Geschenkverpackung.

Wrapping paper alignment from r/Perfectfit

5. Diese Bananen.

I bought some suspiciously perfect bananas yesterday from r/mildlyinteresting

6. Dieser Joghurtddeckel.

There was no yogurt on the lid of my yogurt cup from r/mildlyinteresting

7. Dieser Staubsauger, der perfekt in die Ecke passt.

My vacuum cleaner fits perfectly between my wall and door stopper from r/oddlysatisfying

8. Dieses Corn Bread.

This cornbread I baked from r/oddlysatisfying

9. Diese perfekt runden Zahlen.

Not sure if this counts? from r/Perfectfit

10. Dieses Warensortiment.

My local grocery store just opened from r/oddlysatisfying

11. Diese Steckdose.

My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks. from r/mildlyinteresting

12. Diese herzige Erdbeere.

This strawberry that's a perfect heart shape from r/mildlyinteresting

13. Dieses Weihnachtsplätzchen.

The detailed weaved frosting on this cookie from r/mildlyinteresting

14. Dieser perfekte Kürbiskuchen.

No cracks in my pumpkin cheesecake! from r/oddlysatisfying

15. Der Schatten dieser Bank, der wie Pixel aussieht.

The shadow of this bench looks like pixels in this picture I took from r/mildlyinteresting

16. Dieses komplett glatte Laken.

My bed with no wrinkles again from r/oddlysatisfying

17. Dieser perfekt gepackte Möbelwagen.

Loading like this takes skill, vision, and teamwork in the moving world. Mad respect to those that take pride in their work from r/Perfectfit

18. Dieses Ei auf Brot.

My fried egg and this piece of bread from r/Perfectfit

19. Dieser Kofferraum.

Our suitcases fitted the trunk of our car absolutely perfectly from r/Perfectfit

20. Und diese Badematte, die perfekt auf die Fliesen passt.

The way my showermat lays on top of the tiles. from r/Perfectfit

Mit Dank an: r/Perfectfitr/oddlysatisfying und r/mildlyinteresting.

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